Developped in 2008 with Dassault Systemes, The V+R backpack is an advance prototype for the real-time immersive 3D experience with a VR head-mounted display. Each user movement are tracked and immediately translated into the 3D virtual world, making the immersive experience more realistic.
The V+R backpack actually solves one of the most crucial problem in VR: latency.Unlike wireless remote systems, the system included into the backpack dramatically reduces the response time to an user interaction. The lag between a physical step in the sphere and its 3D visual translation in the immersive 3D world is very short. This dramatically reduces the bad sensation some people may experience with 3D immersive VR.

Date: 2008
Client: Dassault Systemes
Role: Creative Lead

After 8 years, in June 2016, MSI presented during the Computex in Taiwan a new VR backpack. It seems MSI has been inspired by the design I have worked on. :)